Welcome To KMR School

We nurture the young minds to broaden their horizons and inculcate an education which fuels their Knowledge. We follow the CBSE Board, strictly adhering to the NCERT syllabus. The tiny tots of today are the future of tomorrow. We believe in building a better future for the country by enpowering the children through value-based education.

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Academic Scenario

Learning is a constant pursuit, but we make it more interesting and involving. We aim at enriching the children with a holistic learning method, and ensure a shared, continuous and blissful learning. We equip our staff with the training level of global standards, to give you cutting-edge quality education.

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News & Events

  • Parent Circle Day
  • The term “parenting” sounds like “there is a pair, and they are available for renting”. At least that’s how today’s kids and adolescents are seeing their parents. Understanding the existing scenario, KMR International School (CBSE) arranged for an orientation program on 16.08.2014 for the parents in the school premises.

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